Opportunities in Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies

As a sorority, we provide opportunities to develop leadership skills, friendships, a sense of belonging, and a network of support. These qualities enable our Members to better face challenges they may encounter as undergraduates and professionals. Leadership skills may be developed by holding offices, planning events, serving on committees, and working together, while also developing strong interpersonal skills. Friendships and a sense of belonging are developed through our Big/Little sister program, social events, intramural athletics, and being in classes together. A sense of belonging is a direct result of a relaxed social atmosphere.

Our sorority provides social opportunities for all Members, while recognizing that our Active Members are students first and foremost. Our chapters sponsor many different types of events. Involvement in homecoming and other Greek events allows the sorority to maintain a relationship with the Greek community. Additionally, the sorority also holds dinners, sponsors retreats, and participates in intramural athletics. The list goes on and on, but it is our goal to provide a social atmosphere without jeopardizing academics.

The sense of belonging created as a student does not end when an Active Member graduates. Friendships created in school often continue after graduation. Through sponsored social events, such as our annual Founders' Day Celebration, and updated Member rosters, Alumnae may stay in contact with other Alumnae no matter where life takes them. As a result, friendships continue to grow and mature through time. A developed network of support benefits both our Active and Alumnae Members.

Active Members
Active Members often use this network to become better students. For example, many Chapters have study groups that meet regularly as a way of keeping students on track and focused. Old test files may be used to prepare for exams, and Sisters who are having a difficult time in school can seek help from their fellow Sisters. It is our goal for each Member, as well as the sorority as a whole, to succeed academically. Some Alumnae Chapters offer academic and service scholarships to their Active Members.

Alumnae Members
Alumnae Members also benefit from a career support network. Often, when a Sister hears about a job opening, the information is passed on to other Members who may be interested. With support from Alumnae, Members also become leaders in other professional organizations and endeavours.

The opportunities are limitless with a developed network of support. This network of support and sense of belonging makes it possible for Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies to succeed in meeting its quality goal and purpose.