About AΣK

Why Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies

Our name is more than Greek letters. “Women in Technical Studies” was kept as part of the name to insure that we remember that our purpose is dual. “Alpha Sigma Kappa” represents our social side, while “Women in Technical Studies” recognizes our goal of academic achievement.

Our sorority is made up of folks who are engineers, scientists, and more. Women have an ever growing presence in these fields, but being a minority in undergraduate classes can be challenging. These challenges even extend beyond our college years into our roles as professionals in meetings, work assignments, and promotions.

Why is Alpha Sigma Kappa different?

Alpha Sigma Kappa is unique because we are a social sorority for technical majors. Our Members place importance on academics but also like to have fun. We accept women and gender minorities in Engineering, Architecture and the Sciences (including, but not limited to Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science). Our Greek letters represent the social aspect of our sorority. Throughout the year, we plan a variety of activities, such as philanthropy and social events, which provide many fun and engaging opportunities for our Members.

Our formal name, Women in Technical Studies, represents our focus on academics and learning. Many Members of our organization have classes together, and we are always available for each other as a support group. Support is essential while pursuing a degree in engineering, mathematics, or any other technical major because we all encounter the same types of challenges. We encourage friendship – between you and your fellow Sisters, fellowship – helping others, and commitment – to yourself and the organization.


Our symbols and traditions are part of what make Alpha Sigma Kappa a Sisterhood, a Sorority. They are tangible reminders of who we are, where we came from, and the bonds that hold us together

Our Flower is the White Rose.

Our colors are Royal Blue and Silver.

Our Jewel is the blue topaz.

Our symbols are the Lioness and the infinity symbol.

Purpose and Quality Goal

Our purpose is to promote friendship,  academic achievement,  unity within the organization, and philanthropy throughout the community.

We are a sorority of women committed to achieving our academic goals and promoting women in technical fields, through leadership, friendship, and support.