Chairs & Committees

Standing Committees

National Convention Committee

Goal: Plan and ensure that National Convention happens every year or as otherwise specified.

2022 National Convention Chair (DFW): Atisha Morrison (

2023 National Convention Chair (Chicago): Kellee Hartjen (

Overseen By: NDoA

Social Media and PR Committee

Goal: Plan and execute posting on all official Alpha Sigma Kappa platforms to engage potential  and current members of the National Organization.

Committee Chair: Alex Reimers ( 

Overseen By: NDoO 

National Documents Review Committee

Goal: Review current national governing documents to ensure clarity and matching operations  with the National Organization. Review, consider, and write any needed documentation that is  proposed during the National Convention.

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews ( and Katrina Fauser (

Overseen By: NDoA

Newsletter Committee

Goal: To create and disseminate National Organization newsletter to keep membership  engagement and informed.

Committee Chair: Jessica Denner (

Overseen By: NDoR

Exploratory Committee

Goal: Finalizing the expansion of the National Board of Directors proposal for submission to the  2022 National Convention. Explore feasibility of membership database management platforms  and digitizing/automating processes for the National Organization.

Committee Chair: Christine Lay and Kayla Nelson Becker  (

Overseen By: NDoO

Website Committee

Goal: Manage and maintain website (update committee chair/committee information, update  NBoD, backend of the website).

Committee Chair: Gwen Kidder (

Overseen By: NDoR

Non-Standing Committees

National Philanthropy Committee

Goal: Beta test (planning and hosting) the virtual 5k as a national event in which all Chapters  participate in the one event in 2022.

Committee Chair: Samantha Coffman (

Overseen By: NDoF

Trademark/Copyright Committee

Goal: Review and maintain trademark and copyright registration. Tasked with researching and  implementing new trademark/copyrights. Creating policies surrounding use of trademarks.

Committee Chair: Ali KM (

Overseen By: NDoF

National Awards Committee

Goal: Create, oversee, and review nominations and award Members. Reevaluating Active Chapter and Colony awards for accurate reflection of accomplishments.

Committee Chair: Eva Hanlon (

Overseen By: NDoR

Emergency Response Planning Committee

Goal: Develop plan for NBoD response to emergencies (e.g., viral pandemic, extreme weather,  wildfires, mental health crisis, school shooting, other catastrophic events).

Committee Chair: Ariel Brown (

Overseen By: NDoO

Traditions Committee

Goal: Review implementation of non-gendered language in mission and vision statements as  well as symbols, including the handbook, for the Organization. Also determining the treasured  item for the National Organization in the Treasuring Tradition Celebration.

Committee Chair: Christine Lay (

Overseen By: NDoE