Chairs & Committees

Standing Committees

National Convention Committee

Goal: Plan and ensure that National Convention happens every year or as otherwise specified.

2024 National Convention Chairs (Orlando): Hannah Main and Hannah Rowland (

2025 National Convention Chair (Knoxville): Grace Houghton

Overseen By: NDoA

Social Media and PR Committee

Goal: Plan and execute posting on all official Alpha Sigma Kappa platforms to engage potential and current members of the National Organization. Research Discord as a communication platform for the National Organization.

Committee Chair: Jenifer Henslee Peck ( 

Overseen By: NDoC

National Documents Review Committee

Goal: Review current national governing documents to ensure clarity and matching operations with the National Organization. Focused on the Constitution, Chapter Discipline, and J-Board/Standards Board policies for 2024 Convention.

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews (

Overseen By: NDoA

Newsletter Committee

Goal: To create and disseminate National Organization newsletter to keep membership engaged and informed. Look into getting National Newsletter onto the website.

Committee Chair: Morgan Bixby (

Overseen By: NDoC

Exploratory Committee

Goal: Review opportunities to mitigate risk in the organization including identifying role of legal representation.

Committee Chairs: Rachel McRae & Alex Waggoner (

Overseen By: NDoO

Website Committee

Goal: Review membership database/website options available to the national organization. Work to maintain up-to-date documentation and membership information on the national website.

Committee Chair: Gwen Kidder (

Overseen By: NDoC

National DonorsChoose Event Committee

Goal: Implement and improve the National Philanthropy for the National Organization, run a National event to raise funds for DonorsChoose

Committee Chairs: Grace Houghton (

Overseen By: NDoF

Trademark/Copyright Committee

Goal: Continue process to start license management as approved in the 2023 Convention. Begin looking at establishing education and documentation for branding guidelines.

Committee Chair: Ali KM (

Overseen By: NDoF

National Awards Committee

Goal: Create, oversee, and review nominations for Member awards, and determine award recipients

Committee Chair: Katie Greiner (

Overseen By: NDoR

Closed Goal Committee

Goal: Put together proposals as needed regarding closed meeting content

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews (

Overseen By: NDoA

Non-Standing Committees

National Facility Corporation Development Committee

Goal: Research and benchmark the process for starting a facility corporation to include but not limited to timelines, insurance, pricing, etc.

Committee Chairs: Nina Parafina and Danielle Ungurian (

Overseen By: NDoF

Emergency Response Planning Committee

Goal:  Develop plan for NBoD response to emergencies (e.g., extreme weather, wildfires, school shooting, other catastrophic events), with a focus on getting what the committee has already worked on put into proposal format to be submitted as a proposal(s) for 2024 convention

Committee Chair: Grace Thompson (

Overseen By: NDoO

Traditions Committee

Goal: Create continuous education modules for gender inclusivity terminology.

Committee Chair: Abigail Ali (

Overseen By: NDoE

Membership Development Committee

Goal: Update and maintain existing continuous education modules

Committee Chairs: Grace Thompson & Grace Houghton (

Overseen By: NDoO