Chairs & Committees

National Convention Committee

Goal: Plan and ensure that National Convention happens every year or as otherwise specified

2021 National Convention Chair (Chicago): Kayla Nelson Becker (

2022 National Convention Chair (DFW): Kellee Hartjen (

Social Media and PR Committee

Goal: Plan and execute posting on all official Alpha Sigma Kappa platforms to engage potential and current members of the National Organization

Committee Chair: Alex Reimers (

National Documents Review Committee

Goal: Review current national governing documents to ensure clarity and matching operations with the National Organization. Review, consider, and write any needed documentation including Dress Code Policy, National Stole Policy, and Technical Major Proposal

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews (

National DonorsChoose Event Committee

Goal: Research what event should be the National Philanthropy for the National Organization

Committee Chairs: Samantha Coffman (

Newsletter Committee

Goal: To create and disseminate National Organization newsletter to keep membership engagement and informed

Committee Chair: Ali  and Jessica (

Exploratory Committee

Goal: To research and develop best practices for sustainable operations with a more specific goal of the leadership consultant program from 2017-2020

Committee Chairs: Christine Lay and Kayla Nelson Becker (

Membership and Professional Development Committee

Goal: To ensure Members are learning about the National Organization and having opportunities to grow as a professional. This committee now includes continuous education, reviewing chapter culture, and standardizing officer transitions.

Committee Chairs: Rose Rizzi ( and Anhthu Trinh (

Trademark/Copyright Committee

Goal: Review and maintain trademark and copyright registration. Tasked with researching and implementing new trademark/copyrights

Committee Chair: Ali Kidder-Mostrom (

National Awards Committee

Goal: Create, oversee, and review nominations and award Members

Committee Chair: Eva Hanlon (

Closed Goal Committee

Goal: Review Closed items (such as ceremonies)

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews (

Emergency Response Planning Committee

Goal: Develop plan for NBoD response to emergencies (e.g., viral pandemic, extreme weather, wildfires, mental health crisis, school shooting, other catastrophic events)

Committee Chairs: Ariel Brown ( and Gabbie Burnham (

Traditions Committee

Goal: Review chants, songs, and symphony and other traditions Chapters have

Committee Chair: Eliza Schumer (

Website Committee

Goal: Manage and maintain website

Committee Chair: Gwen Kidder (