Chairs & Committees

Standing Committees

National Convention Committee

Goal: Plan and ensure that National Convention happens every year or as otherwise specified.

2023 National Convention Chair (Chicago): Kellee Hartjen (

2024 National Convention Chairs (Orlando): Hannah Main and Hannah Rowland

Overseen By: NDoA

Social Media and PR Committee

Goal: Plan and execute posting on all official Alpha Sigma Kappa platforms to engage potential  and current members of the National Organization. Would love to have someone join the committee to run a national TikTok.

Committee Chair: Alex Reimers ( 

Overseen By: NDoO 

National Documents Review Committee

Goal: Review current national governing documents to ensure clarity and matching operations with the National Organization. Review, consider, and write any needed documentation including Dress Code Policy, National Stole Policy. Work on pronoun removal from the Constitution as discussed during 2022 Convention. 

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews (

Overseen By: NDoA

Newsletter Committee

Goal: To create and disseminate National Organization newsletter to keep membership engagement and informed.

Committee Chair: Alex Reimers (

Overseen By: NDoR

Exploratory Committee

Goal: Research online chapter management system (e.g., Greektrack Option 3)

Committee Chair: Kayla Nelson  (

Overseen By: NDoO

Website Committee

Goal: Update events structure and expand membership dashboard. Work to maintain up-to-date documentation and membership information on the national website. Update website to reflect language, NBoD structure, etc. changes from this Convention. 

Committee Chair: Jenifer Henslee Peck (

Overseen By: NDoR

National DonorsChoose Event Committee

Goal: Implement and improve the National Philanthropy for the National Organization, run a National event to raise funds for DonorsChoose

Committee Chair: Samantha Coffman (

Overseen By: NDoF

Trademark/Copyright Committee

Goal: Investigate licensing management, prepare related proposals for 2023 Convention (trademark and branding related), determine future trademark filings, working closely with NDoF.

Committee Chair: Ali KM (

Overseen By: NDoF

National Awards Committee

Goal: Create, oversee, and review nominations for Member awards, and determine award recipients

Committee Chair: Katie Greiner (

Overseen By: NDoR

Closed Goal Committee

Goal: Put together proposals as needed regarding closed meeting content

Committee Chair: Mary Matthews (

Overseen By: NDoA

National Facility Corporation Development Committee

Goal: Research and benchmark the process for starting a facility corporation to include but not limited to timelines, insurance, pricing, etc. Research campus appetite for starting new facilities at our existing locations.

Committee Chairs: Danielle Ungurian ( and Sukh Singh (

Overseen By: NDoF

Non-Standing Committees

Emergency Response Planning Committee

Goal: Develop plan for NBoD response to emergencies (e.g., viral pandemic, extreme weather, wildfires, mental health crisis, school shooting, other catastrophic events), with a focus on getting what the committee has already worked on put into proposal format to be submitted as a proposal(s) for 2023 convention.

Committee Chairs: Samara Haenggi (

Overseen By: NDoO

Traditions Committee

Goal: Survey and define terms within our organization including Sister, Sisterhood, and Sorority and work with the National Documents Review Committee and legal advisor; also consider Sibling/Siblinghood language.

Committee Chair: Brianna Cantrall ( and Ally Rodriguez-Marshall (

Overseen By: NDoE