Board of Directors

Current National Directors

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Executive Director

Savannah Bradley, Eta


National Director of Finance

Audrey Heuser, Beta


National Director of Records

Ally (DiCarlo) Manda, Beta

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National Director of Expansion

Sukh Singh, Alpha

Emma Bachman Headshot

National Director of Operations

Emma Bachman, Beta

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National Director of Communications

Samara Haenggi, Kappa


National Director of Members

Samantha LoPilato, Nu

Are you interested in serving on the National Board? This year the National Director of Finance, National Director of Records, and the National Director of Operations positions are up for election. You can read more about the responsibilities of each of these positions under the Executive Branch section of the National Constitution.
Does one of these roles sound perfect for you or someone you know?
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Immediate Past National Directors

Year Administration Finance Records Expansion Operations Communications** Members**
2023 Piper Blackburn (Kappa) Audrey Heuser (Beta) Ally DiCarlo (Beta) Misty Lam (Nu) Emma Bachman (Beta) Gwen Kidder (Alpha) Alyssa DePaola (Rho)


To see the full list of previous National Directors, please go here.

*Position name changed from National Director of Communications to National Director of Records from 2016-2022

**Starting in 2023, additional board positions were added. (Communications, Members)

***Starting in 2024, the National Director of Administration became the Executive Director.