Leadership Consultants

Leadership Consultants (LCs) are Members that have been selected to serve as direct support to Active Chapters and their executive boards. Each LC is confirmed to serve for the duration of one academic year. They are leaders within the National Organization that assist Active Chapters in achieving their goals and in meeting National requirements. Each LC works with just a few Active Chapters to develop a stronger, more personalized relationship between the Active Chapters and the National Organization. The LC program is overseen by the National Director of Operations.

Applications are now open for the 2024-2035 Academic year. Apply now!

Leadership Consultants for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

Ashley Hannah Faulkner (lc1@ask-wits.com)

Alum from the Beta Chapter

Assigned Chapters: Alpha, Epsilon, and Kappa

Isabel Chaput (lc2@ask-wits.com)

Alum from the Alpha Chapter

Assigned Chapters: Mu, Xi, and Omicron

Sakshi Shah (lc3@ask-wits.com)

Alum from the Pi Chapter

Assigned Chapters: Iota and Sigma

Cassidy Harmon (lc4@ask-wits.com)

Alum from the Epsilon Chapter

Assigned Chapters: Beta, Eta, and Theta

Meredith Butler (lc5@ask-wits.com)

Alum from the Kappa Chapter

Assigned Chapters: Nu, Pi, and Rho

Abbey Moore (lc6@ask-wits.com)

Alum from the Beta Chapter

Alternate Consultant