Expansion Opportunities

Because the Sisters of Alpha Sigma Kappa – Women in Technical Studies feel that all women pursuing a degree in technical fields can benefit from the friendship and support of Alpha Sigma Kappa, we are expanding to other campuses through colonization.

As a National Organization, we keep the Colony’s interests in mind as we continue to grow. We strive to keep each Colony unique while they become part an integral part of Alpha Sigma Kappa. We recognize that each Colony brings its own history, values, standards, and membership.

We  encourage Colonies to incorporate their uniqueness into the organization. Regional diversity, campus attitudes, and university requirements for technical majors may be taken into account when developing Chapter bylaws.

We value keeping the organization affordable for all Members. We understand that time and money are in short supply for most students. As an organization, we try to keep the time requirements and financial commitments at a level reasonable for a student in technical studies to achieve. Therefore, National membership dues are kept low for all Members, and individual Chapters and Colonies determine what time commitments and membership dues are required of their Members.

The expansion procedure is started when women interested in starting a chapter of AΣK form an Interest Group. The Interest Group should contact the National Board of Directors to express their interest. An AΣK National Expansion Representative(s) will visit with the Interest Group to tell them more about AΣK and to get to know the interested members. She may also visit the campus at the same time. The Interest Group should check in with their Greek Life Office on campus to learn about their expansion procedure. Once the Interest Group has grown to ten members and committed to starting a chapter of AΣK on their campus, they may petition the AΣK National Organization for Colony status. A Colony is a group of women who are learning about the sorority while laying the groundwork to become a Chapter of Alpha Sigma Kappa. After a minimum of one academic year, and once all Colony requirements have been completed, they may petition the AΣK National Organization for a Chapter Charter. Once their petition has been approved, and a date chosen, the Colony is installed as an Active Chapter and Colony Members are initiated as Active Sisters.

For more information about starting a chapter, please contact the National Director of Expansion.