Welcome To Alpha Sigma Kappa

Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies® is a unique social sorority for women pursuing technical majors. Our sorority is made up of young women who place importance on academics and also like to have fun. We accept women in Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, and the Sciences. Women have an ever-growing presence in these fields; however we remain a minority in undergraduate classes, which can be challenging. These challenges extend to the role of professional women in meetings, work assignments, and promotions, so we strive to build a network of women who understand these challenges and can provide support to their sisters.

We encourage friendship - between you and your fellow sisters, fellowship - helping others, and commitment - to yourself and the organization. Support is essential while pursuing a degree in these technical fields because we all encounter the same challenges. A variety of activities are planned throughout the year for our members, including social, philanthropic, and academic events, without the high costs normally associated with other social organizations.